Frequently Asked Questions

How Many People can the Game Theater hold?
The Game Theater can hold up to 20 kids (16 players) or 16 adults comfortably inside our climate controlled gaming trailer. Our 2 outside screens can accommodate an additional 8 players for 24 total players.

Is there an age limit to the gamers?
Gamers come all ages and some start very young, we recommend that the majority of party goers be able to read some and take direction from the staff. Therefore we recommend parties for kids 6 years old and up.  However, we can accommodate players as young as 4.

How much space does the Game Theater take up?
We require about 60 feet of fairly level space for parking. The Game Theater should fit in front of almost any house. In parking lots we take up between 7-8 parking spaces. Please call to discuss any non-standard parking situations.

Where can the Game Theater be setup?
The Game Theater is self contained, so we can setup anywhere that there is ample level parking. We can easily setup at homes, parks, businesses, rec centers/pools, schools, sports fields, churches, community centers, etc.  If you are concerned please call us and we may be able to visit the site and let you know.

Is it required to tip the Game Coach?
While tipping is never required, it is always appreciated if you feel the Game Coach did a great job for your event.

How much do events cost?
Event pricing is highly competitive with the average cost of other party events such as inflatable parties, race tracks, or other types of parties consisting of 10 or more people.  For example, a weekend party with 24 guests breaks down to $12.50 per guest (mileage if required and extra hours excluded). See the Party Info and Pricing Page for exact pricing information.

Do you need to plug into my power or have power available on site?
No, the Game Theater is a fully self contained unit. We have our own Ultra Quiet Generator to run all of our systems. The Generator is only about as loud as an idling vehicle so it won't disturb your neighbors.

Do we need to supervise the party?
No, but it is always fun when the parents and other adults join in.  However we do ask that at least one adult/host be present to help supervise younger kids. Every Game Theater event includes a Game Coach who will run the event for you.

Are food and beverages allowed inside the trailer?
Sorry, we do not allow any food or beverages inside.  There are too many electronics on board.

What happens if it is raining or really hot?
The Game Theater is a fully enclosed, insulated, and climate controlled.  Rain or shine we have you covered.  We have Air Conditioning to keep you cool in hot weather and a heater to keep you warm in cool weather.  Please note that the outside screens will not be available if it is raining in order to protect the equipment.

What games are available to play?
We carry a comprehensive catalog of games ranging from E to M ratings; all of the most popular recent games and some obscure older titles. The Game Theater is meant to be a group gaming event so all of our games are muliti-player and some are able to be linked together for an even more competitive and social gaming experience.  If there is a special title you are interested in please let us know.

What if I don’t want the kids to play M rated games?
No problem, let us know when you book or when we arrive at your event.

How much is the deposit?
We charge a 50% deposit on all events with the remaining balance due the day of the event.

What is your cancellation policy?
Rescheduling an event is always an option and can be done one time without incurring any charges.

Cancellations made 14 or more days prior to an event will not incur any cancellation charge.

Cancellations made 7-14 days prior to an event will forfeit 50% of paid deposit as a cancellation charge.

Cancellations made less than 7 days prior to an event will forfeit the full paid deposit amount as a cancellation charge.

What areas do you cover?
We serve the Greater Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley and North Orange County.  Further distance may incur additional gas charge of $1.50 per mile, for distances beyond 30 miles from Upland (91784).

Are events taxed?
No. The parties are not taxed by the State of California, so the prices listed are the total price you pay (plus additional mileage costs if required).